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Welcome To Harmon Hayden Law

After decades as the Chair of Insurance Law at prominent law firms, I have decided to create Harmon Hayden Law with a focus on my practice areas of insurance, reinsurance and complex commercial litigation.

The practice is international in scope with international associations and facilities around the world, coupled with Canadian, Swiss, and US passports. Present offices in Vancouver and Kamloops, British Columbia.

The client base includes provincial, national and international insurers, institutions and government bodies. The practice includes a wide spectrum of coverage issues, D&O and E&O liability, class actions, construction disputes, product liability, professional liability, commercial host liability, recreation risks, landslides and subsidence, institutional liability for sexual abuse, and major loss bodily injury cases. I have served and continue to serve as Chief Counsel for select clients. My practice includes acting as national coverage counsel in multi-jurisdictional class actions with claims in the billions of dollars.


Harmon C. HaydenAbout

Harmon C. Hayden

Welcome To Harmon Hayden Law

I am internationally recognized as one of the world's leading lawyers in insurance, reinsurance, and product liability, Expert Guides, London, UK: expertguides.com.

Best Special Risks Law Firm 2020 and Distinction Award for Construction Liability Cases 2020/Canadian Business Awards/Corporate Vision/AI Global Media/U.K.

Member: International Association of Defense Counsel (Vice Chair of International/Insurance and Reinsurance Committee), Defence Research Institute, and Benchmark Chambers International/People’s Republic of China.

I have served as a nominee of the Attorney General of Canada on the Minister’s Judicial Advisory Committee and have appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada in EDG v. Hammer [2003] S.C.R. 459 (one of a trilogy of cases heard at the same time regarding institutional liability for sexual abuse). I have published and lectured extensively, and have served as an Adjunct Professor of Insurance Law, Faculty of Law, at Thompson Rivers University.

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  • Landslides & Sibsidence
  • Occupiers Liability
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